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Kelley Stoltz - Hard Feelings - Colour LP

Kelley Stoltz - Hard Feelings - Colour LP

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17 Incredible tracks! This time Kelley genre plays in the POWER-PUB world, with dashes of Undertones, Stiff Records, 80's Iggy evenly applied. A chance buy of a $75 Japanese Electric Guitar conducive only to power chords, and repeated spins of the Mick Trouble LP made for a wild week of recording this edgy delight. Recorded Fall 2019 at Electric Duck Studios SF, CA. Mastered by Sir Mikey Young. Brought to you by Chuffed Records, a Puzzling Records Company.



1. Hard Feelings
2. Teenage
3. Loosen Up
4. It's Crap
5. Low Resolution
6. People In Power
7. Now That You're Gone
8. Me & My Mohawk
9. Japanese Sweat
10. Disappearing
11. Taking The Train
12. What Goes Up
13. Driving Myself Crazy
14. Rinse & Repeat
15. Too Good To Be True
16. I Wanna Sleep
17. War

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