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John Wayne - Texas Funeral

John Wayne - Texas Funeral

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A1 But I've Got Texas
A2 Texas Funeral
A3 Mr. Egyptian
A4 Texas Cyclone
A5 Texas Jailcell
A6 Workin Man's Blues
A7 Shades
A8 Texas Wine
A9 Is That Justice?
B1 Texas Polka
B2 You and the Kitten
B3 Apple Schnapps
B4 Truckin'
B5 One Hundred and Fifty One Owl Caricatures
B6 Texas Studio

Label: Third Man Records
Cat No: TMR-034
Released: August 2010

A full length vinyl only release from Third Man Records, and what a record. A long overdue re-issue of a classic album. Originally available in the 80s, then reissued on CD and LP by Fistpuppet / Cargo in the early 90's, now again on Vinyl from the Third Man Records imprint.

Jon Wayne: guitar, vocal,
Jimbo: drums,
Earnest Beauvine: lead guitar,
Billy Bob (Rodney Crowell): bass,
Timmy Turlock: bass (replaced Billy Bob as of September 9, 1991.

Supposedly a combo of session mucisians with Psuedonyms, well, they sure did throw down some cotton pickin hillbilly jams. This is the kind of raw dirty scuzz taht inspired legions of sissy garage-billy-lite. The tracks on this album are like a long lost country album, but with so much extra oomph it sure might well just crack your ear drums. Cow-poke punk and roll that needs to be listened to, repeatedly, loud, and lubricated with a keg of beer and a fifth of corn whiskey. Un-beatable!

Remastered by Bob Weston and reissued for the first time on vinyl.

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