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Jack Name - Weird Moons

Jack Name - Weird Moons

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A wonderful follow up to last year’s masterpiece “Light Show” - may we present “Weird Moons”.

Here we have an eminently listenable but intrinsically weird pop record that is unlike anything else you'll hear today. This record pulses with vitality and a mercurial strangeness, but is at every turn undeniably pop. So pop, in fact you would be forgiven for jamming to the tunes alone, but underneath the surface the lyrics follow an otherworldly concept, a bizarre and engrossing story, continued in some ways and with similar actors as his previous record, Light Show - dig if you will:

The Shadows have been catapulted post-mortem to the leviathan planet Jupiter with its 67 known Moons. Reborn as lycanthropes with eyes intently focused on the lunar array above them, The Shadows are eternally shifting shape, based on which Moon is closest and cresting the horizon.  Their current body denotes their creative abilities, their only respite is the volcanic Moon Io’s inevitable rise and their cyclic disintegration.  Observed by mirror-eyed Watchers, The Shadows are trapped forever in a circle of creation and destruction, yet are by their nature compelled to their monkish watchfulness of The Moons. Love and hate, performance and audience, rise and fall, inhale…exhale…

weird?…. indeed

moons?…full of the same shadowy mystery of luna’s face smiling down on a darkened Earth.

Night time is the right time, I say.

Reminiscent of late era Can, Bruce Haack, Hans Edler, Solid Space, Dario Argento and VHS tapes…

Colored vinyl limited to 2 per customer. 

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