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The Look Of Love
Whitstable Beach
A Long Time

Diamond Ring
Margate Train

You Are The One I Love
Stand In A Place Of Love

An Ordinary Man
You Will Kill The One You Love
Video Games

20th March 2020 sees the release of ’PRIMITIF' the debut album from Jack Hues, the Canterbury-based singer-songwriter and composer best known as the frontman for Wang Chung. The 16 track double album features the three tracks released so far Whitstable Beach, Winter and A Long Time as well as eleven other originals and two cover versions including an eight and half minute electric Miles Davis influenced take on Lana Del Rey’s Video Games. Despite having a career that started in 1977 and which has included composing for Hollywood movies (To Live & Die In LA and The Guardian for William Friedkin, The Walking Dead), John Peel sessions and top ten singles across the globe, ‘Primitif’ is the first solo album that Jack has released. In a ‘mission statement' for the album Jack explains more about the record, why it’s a double album and why it’s taken so long to venture out under his own name…. "PRIMITIF is a collection of songs about love, loss, grief and despair... but also a summation of more than 50 years of obsession with Music. A lot of the songs were written and recorded in a 3 month period at the beginning of 2018. The songs are inter-connected musically and lyrically, sometimes intentionally, more often not. I didn’t intend to make an album when I began recording, still less a double album, but the intensity of the outpouring of emotion I experienced made me want to create something big - almost too big to be encompassed in a single sitting. The songs came to me and I wrote into them, extending, expanding, creating something that would be a journey akin to the albums I listened to in the 60’s and 70’s. So much has been written about the demise of “The Album”. I wanted this to be a stand for “The Album” being the ultimate means of expression for an Artist and the ultimate listening experience. I thought about “Blonde on Blonde”, “The Beatles”, “Wheels of Fire”, “Exile on Main Street”, “Sign of the Times” - the physical presence of those records and how you never get to end of them, can never quite encompass them, so PRIMITIF had to be a double album. PRIMITIF is designed for vinyl, designed as 4 sides of music, 4 songs per side to be listened to in sequence or separately. It begins in my childhood and ends... well, it never ends… “ Jack will be playing a very special show to launch the album at the Gulbenkian Theatre on March 21st in his adopted home town of Canterbury with the band that made the record featuring members of local psychedelic heroes Syd Arthur. 

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