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Icky Boyfriends

Icky Boyfriends - Live In San Francisco

Icky Boyfriends - Live In San Francisco

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“You like anchovies? Morning breath?
Dried blood?
The sun-up residue after a night of hard drugs?
Well, you're gonna love Icky Boyfriends.
I painted houses for a couple years with an old school San Francisco artist/musician dude who would let me run the boombox while we worked. This was right around the time I became obsessed with Icky Boyfriends. I would play it all day and wax about how I much I loved them.
He piped up one day and asked what they were called again.
"Icky Boyfriends", I said.
"Oh yeah, I remember those, they could clear a room"
That's the Ickys, an acquired taste for people who maybe have eyes that feel natural when trolling the gutter for nutrition.
These are stories of strung-out super heroes singing the praises of the old school San Francisco freak scene. Hilarious at times, genius always and as scuzzy as anything you could ever hear.
Recorded masterfully by the Castle-Face engineers team at the grand SF Eagle.
There are many classic favorites here as well as a couple new jams (I challenge anyone to tell the difference). We’ve kept it primal and simple as the Ickys always have. What a treat, now let's eat!” - John Dwyer

Colored vinyl is very limited and only available here and from the band. Limit 1 per customer.

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