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Human Hand - Tremor - LP

Human Hand - Tremor - LP

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Released Jan 20th 2023

Tremor is the debut album from Human Hand: a core-trio and broader collective based in the shadow of Pendle Hill, Lancashire, UK. Recorded during two days of post-lockdown cathartic noise. Tremor was created using instant composition, 4 track tape manipulation and immediate overdubs. 500 copy vinyl release due September 2022 via Cardinal Fuzz

The Human Hand live combo comprises Joe Hollick (Wolf People - Jagjaguwar Records, solo), Karl Eden (John Peel favourites tRANSELEMENt) and Jonathan Dickin (MUMS, Honey Spider, Bleak) Joe and Karl met at an Acid Mothers Temple show in 2012 before realising they both lived minutes away from each other in neighbouring sleepy Lancashire Pennine villages. They performed a number of shows together as a wig-out loose improv duo channelling heavy motorik grooves, Anatolian suffused lead lines, a general layer of Northern skuzz tied together with Joe’s signature guitar work.

Early HH recordings were juxtaposed by being captured at extremely low volume due to necessity as the only available opportunity was to work on material late at night to avoid waking their young children. Human Hand were augmented and given a live makeover by the addition of Jonny (MUMS, Honey Spider, Bleak) on drums, a former student of Karl’s and all round music and literary geek.

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