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Howlin Rain - Live Rain - CD

Howlin Rain - Live Rain - CD

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LIVE RAIN is the first-ever official live album by Howlin Rain, will be released on 28th April via Agitated Records in UK/EU.

"A great rock guitarist needs a signature affectation. Ethan Miller's happens to be an abrupt upstrum that, combined with a backward stagger, probably makes him something of an onstage hazard to his bandmates. When he really gets into it, as he does with elemental regularity, the Howlin Rain leader resembles a spasmodic marionette under the influence of a power greater than himself - call it the power of rawk. With his long thinning hair and big black beard, Miller also sometimes resembles a defrocked rabbi on the run. And when he opens his mouth, the history of classic arena-rock vocals passes before your ears in a full-throated wail, embracing the combined spirits of Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, Leslie West, Greg Rolie and the ghost of Freddy Mercury." - the Village Voice

Recorded live in various locations on the 2012 worldwide tour for The Russian Wilds, the live 2XLP features vintage Howlin Rain originals including "Roll On The Rusted Days," "Dancers At The End Of Time" and "Hung Out In The Rain" plus The Russian Wilds' "Phantom In The Valley" and an 11-minute plus version of "Self Made Man."

Live Rain features the most honed and bombastic Howlin Rain line-up to date; songwriter Ethan Miller (lead vocals / guitars), Earthless' Isaiah Mitchell (guitars / backing vocals), Drunk Horse's Cyrus Comiskey (bass/ backing vocals) and Raj Ojha (drums).

Live Rain was recorded by David Streit, mixed by Tim Green and produced by Ethan P. Miller. In addition to the 2XLP, a CD package and digital download is also available. FIRST 500 LPS COME WITH 4 ASSORTED POSTER REPROS FROM THAT howlin rain tour.

6 different posters replicated in all, by the Likes of Arik Roper, Alan Forbes etc.
Printed on a4 / 3oo gsm matt card…full colour!
LP comes with DL card also



Side 1
Phantom In The Valley (8:45)
Self Made Man (11:04)
Side 2
Can't Satisfy Me Now (6:34)
Beneath Wild Wings (4:19)
Lord Have Mercy (7:50)
Side 3
Hung Out In The Rain (6:07)
Calling Lightning Pt 2 (8:16)
Dancers At The End Of Time (5:53)
Side 4
Roll On The Rusted Days (7:49)

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