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Gia Margaret - Mia Gargaret - Col. LP

Gia Margaret - Mia Gargaret - Col. LP

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A1. Apathy
A2. Body
A4. Barely There
A5. For Zoya In China
B1. No Sleep No Dream
B2. Lakes
B3. Sadballad
B4. 3 Movements
B5. Ash
B6. Lesson

Label: Dalliance Recordings
Cat No: DR1024
Released: September 2023



“Mia Gargaret” is an ambient, (mostly) instrumental album by Chicago, IL singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist & producer Gia Margaret. It’s also not the follow-up she intended after the critical success of her 2018 debut, “There’s Always Glimmer”. But after she suddenly found herself without use of her primary instrument, she had to rethink her methods, at least temporarily. Gia explains: “After having to cancel tours because of illness, I was unable to sing for nearly half of the year. This left me feeling like a shell of myself, so I turned to my synthesizer for comfort. These compositions helped me hold onto my identity as a music maker. At times this music helped soothe my anxiety more than therapy or anything else could.”

Documenting her self-healing and without singing or lyrics to steal the focus, the instrumental tracks on “Mia Gargaret” shine a light on Gia’s skills as a musician, composer & producer. Spare but immersive arrangements of synthesizer, piano & acoustic guitar simultaneously ache & soothe, building emotional landscapes that rise & recede like scenery through a train window. “Mia Gargaret” is a gorgeous experiment & a memorable meditation on the healing power of music.


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