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Fuzz - III

Fuzz - III

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Released: 23rd October 2020

One only knows one. Two is balanced therefore stagnant. III is both active and reactive. Charles Moothart, Ty Segall and Chad Ubovich are Fuzz. Fuzz is three. And three has Returned. Songs for all, and music for one. 

FUZZ III was recorded and mixed in August of 2019 at United Recording under the sonic lordship of Steve Albini over a period of 10 days. The use of overdubs and studio tricks was kept to a minimum to maintain focus on the live sounds of the band. III is set to be released upon humanity October 23rd 2020 via In The Red Recordings. It is a Raw Power Trio Record channeled from five circles around the sun. Four cuts from three heads on each of the two sides brings one dream of eternal Electrical interference. 

“Returning” is an auditory meditation on the power of one and the different perspectives of one. Whether it is the singular person looking inward, or a group of people coming together as a single unit. As the opening track of the record, it serves as a sort of mission statement or mantra for the album. Not only is it an echo of the return of Fuzz, but also a broader return to form - raw and empowered through vulnerability.

Three points reflected in three Mirrors; a pyramid of sonic destruction and psychic creation. Nothing People feed the roots while the freaks fly free in the tree tops - Blind to Vines, Eyes Closed, Stuck in Spit, triumphing the Returning of beginnings and Ends Returning while beginning to see the Time Collapse. Love is the only way to annihilate hate, and Sketchy freaks live to bleed. All shades of color, truth and lies, III is the pillar of unity and singularity. All is nothing, and only nothing can generate everything. Log out, drop thought, turn up.

We want to express our feelings of respect, gratitude, and solidarity for freedom fighters past, present, and future. May their voices be heard loud and clear. Destroy white supremacy.
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