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Fresh Blueberry Pancake – Heavy (White Vinyl Edition)

Fresh Blueberry Pancake – Heavy (White Vinyl Edition)

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The first ever official reissue of one of the rarest U.S. private press rock grails, with only 54 copies initially circulated in 1971 as a demo. Featuring the Pittsburgh power trio's full story and photographic history.


* sourced from the original master tape!


* restored original cover art with Day-Glo orange spot printing


* big format 8 page booklet + hype sticker


* featuring proto-metal classics “Clown On A Rope” and “Hassles”

Ancient Grease Records unearths super rare, hard to find and unreleased 70s Heavy rock recordings.. everything they release sells out,  we are chuffed to be selling these.


Side 1
1. "Hassles"
2. "Being In Town"
3. "Clown On A Rope"
4. "Bad Boy Turns Good"
5. "I Call Him Lord"

Side 2
1. "Down On The Farm"
2. "Where's The Sun"
3. "Sleep Bound"
4. "Stranded"

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