Fresh Blueberry Pancake – Heavy (White Vinyl Edition)

Fresh Blueberry Pancake





The first ever official reissue of one of the rarest U.S. private press rock grails, with only 54 copies initially circulated in 1971 as a demo. Featuring the Pittsburgh power trio's full story and photographic history.


* sourced from the original master tape!


* restored original cover art with Day-Glo orange spot printing


* big format 8 page booklet + hype sticker


* featuring proto-metal classics “Clown On A Rope” and “Hassles”

Ancient Grease Records unearths super rare, hard to find and unreleased 70s Heavy rock recordings.. everything they release sells out,  we are chuffed to be selling these.


Side 1
1. "Hassles"
2. "Being In Town"
3. "Clown On A Rope"
4. "Bad Boy Turns Good"
5. "I Call Him Lord"

Side 2
1. "Down On The Farm"
2. "Where's The Sun"
3. "Sleep Bound"
4. "Stranded"

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