Francis Harold & The Holograms - Who Said These Were Happy Times CD

Arcade Sound



Drowned in Sound review by Phillip Bloomfield 8/10.
Over the course of the nine tracks that make up Who Said These Were Happy Times, Francis howls and screams, his occasionally blood curdling vocals usually drowned out by his Holograms tearing it up behind him like Flipper at their most stomach churningly intense.... a healthy dose of insanity and some filthy sounding sludge, played at breakneck speed and crushing volume…a patchwork of crippled guitar solos, mineshaft screams, jackhammer bass riffs and thundering percussion. But that's the ugly beauty of it. Phillip Bloomfield (22-06-2010)


1. Intro/Nightmare

2. Glitter Girls

3. Chain 10

4. Black Boots, Red Shirt, Little Boys

5. I See It All

6. Why Are You So Afraid?

7. Did You Hear...

8. Mirror Of Fear Retreat


Release Date: 14th June 2010

Format: CD

Genre: Punk

Cat. Number: AGIT001CD

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