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Flying Mojito Bros. - Greatest Hits (1970 - 1983) - LP

Flying Mojito Bros. - Greatest Hits (1970 - 1983) - LP

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Cult DJs/producers Flying Mojito Bros have pressed a super-limited double compilation of their most celebrated releases to date plus an exclusive new track. Known as the go-to guys for reworking all things Classic Rock and Cosmic Country, their much-demanded party weapons have been sucker punching dancefloors for the past few years and it’s about goddamn time they were put together in this beautiful vinyl package. The release features 15 tracks, loosely mixed to offer a continuous listen in line with FMB’s famed mixtapes, but also allowing DJs to beatmix as they please. With only 500 units available worldwide, these will sell in a flash and become treasured artifacts.


  1. Tonight’s The Night
  2. Keep On
  3. Nighttime In The Switching Yard
  4. Union Man
  5. Five Mile Hike
  6. Ten Foot Pole
  7. Riders On The Storm
  8. Mudbone
  9. Southbound Again
  10. Carry On
  11. Do It Again
  12. Gold Dust Woman
  13. Area Code 303
  14. Arizone Desert
  15. Swamp Rap ‘83
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