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Flore Laurentienne - Volume 1 - CD / LP

Flore Laurentienne - Volume 1 - CD / LP

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Imagine taking a Living Strings Collection vinyl or a vintage Technicolor film soundtrack and adding the imagery of a Spring in full bloom with the softest, most pastel paint. The marriage between his score-like string orchestrations along with analog synthesizers is an ingenious mix of the 50’s and 60’s familiar sounds. The eight pieces take you through seaside gardens and hills, pit-stopping into the window of his 1990’s gloomy living room. Mathieu’s very pure and certainly unique fugues Segway you into the sequences of repetitive streetlights and underground tunnels of road travel into the refreshing and familiar countryside. Mathieu David Gagnon’s music is an awakening of true beauty all around us. He closes gracefully with a slightly more grandiose version of the opening theme bringing complete closure. The beauty of nature and life is eloquently displayed through Mathieu David Gagnon’s learnings and works. Flore Laurentienne Vol. 1 is timeless, omni and minimalist; a real work of art



1. Fleuve no 1
2. Petit piano
3. Soir
4. 1991
5. Fugue
6. Route
7. Cendrillon
8. Fleuve no 3

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