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Flamin Groovies

Flamin Groovies - Between the Lines - CD

Flamin Groovies - Between the Lines - CD

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That one release alone would have us jumping over the moon, but our next announcement has us flying out of the solar system. A labour of love that will be a true godsend for longtime Groovies and newcomers alike, BETWEEN THE LINES: THE COMPLETE JORDAN/WILSON SONGBOOK ‘71-81 compiles, for the first time ever, all the original songs written by Groovies Cyril Jordan and Chris Wilson in the classic second version of the band.
Announcing new FLAMIN’ GROOIVES
Ditching the covers and focusing on the Groovies’
original songs of the era.
New Flamin' Groovies compilation, BETWEEN THE LINES: THE
for the first time ever, all the original songs written by Groovies
Cyril Jordan and Chris Wilson in this classic second version of
the band. The Groovies gave themselves a major reboot in 1971
when a then 18-year-old Chris Wilson replaced Roy Loney as the
band’s frontman and Cyril Jordan’s writing partner. This was the
formation of the group that made that journey to England at the
behest of UA – helping set the scene for punk - and which, with
a couple of line-up changes along the way, ended up signing to
Sire Records and making three brilliant albums - Shake Some
Action, Now, and Jumpin’ In The Night - before eventually
running out of steam following Wilson’s departure in 1981. It’s the
incarnation that headlined over the Ramones in London on July 4
1976 in London, but which then had to settle for being a massive
influence on the nascent form of both power pop and all manner
of ’60s influenced groups after the dictates of a post-punk world
decided that their glorious rock’n’roll was not going to be the next
big thing.
The significant point here is that this collection features, for the
first time, just the band’s original material from this era. A big part
of the criticism mounted against the Groovies Sire albums has
always been the number of covers the band recorded. This
collection by-passes that criticism to include every single
Jordan/Wilson original the band recorded during the era. And
what a collection of originals it is. Everybody knows the brilliance
of the song “Shake Some Action”: not for nothing did esteemed
rock critic Greil Marcus describe the song as “more the thing itself
than any other record I know” in his book The History of
Rock’n’Roll in Ten Songs. What will surprise many however is the
depth of quality, variety and originality of the band’s other
material. The Groovies took elements of their beloved Beatles,
Byrds and Stones and created an array of highly individual and
superb original songs. Sure, a couple sound like the Beatles, but
the rest of them are very much the Groovies and no one else.
Along with the 25 originals in question – which also include the
three Jordan/Wilson tunes recorded in drummer Danny Mihm’s
apartment in 1971 that eventually saw release on Skydog
Records in 1973, and the B-side of the band’s final single in 1981
JORDAN/WILSON SONGBOOK ‘71-81 comes with a
previously unpublished Chester Simpson portrait on the front
cover of its 28 page booklet. That booklet includes extensive liner
notes by Grown Up Wrong! Records and Ugly Things magazine’s David Laing, a reprint of a short but telling
piece on the band by Ed Ward from a 1975 issue of Creem magazine, and an interview with Marc Zermati of
Skydog Records, who played a crucial role in the band’s development in the ’70s.


1. Let Me Rock
2. Dog Meat
3. Blues From Phyllis
4. Shake Some Action
5. You Tore Me Down
6. Shake Some Action (Capitol Demo Version)
7. When I Heard Your Name
8. Yes It's True
9. Please Please Girl
10. I'll Cry Alone
11.Teenage Confidential
12. I Can't Hide
13. Between The Lines
14. Take Me Back
15. Good Laugh Mun
16. Yeah My Baby
17. All I Wanted
18. Don't Put Me On
19. Jumpin' In The Night
20. Next One Crying
21. First Plane Home
22. In The U.S.A.
23. Yes I Am
24. Tell Me Again
25. So Much In Love
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