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Flaccid Mojo - FM

Flaccid Mojo - FM

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Released October 2022

Flaccid Mojo are a duo made up of Bjorn Copeland and Aaron Warren from New York’s Black Dice. Their self-titled debut album takes the minimal bleeps and bloops Black Dice and grinds them into the dirt, creating an aggressive, in-your-face, yet relatively minimal sound - just like you’d imagine from an electronic album on John Dwyer of Osees’ Castleface label.  

“Twin giant towers of amps grinding out minimal beat bloop
The transient sound molecules smell of burning gear and the floor of the pit
This is organic electronic music at its finest
Why not
Freak out?
For sure
Brothers from a different mother (Bjorn Copeland and Aaron Warren) a la 2/3 of Black Dice have come together with this fantastic debut LP for us
These are mean beat vipers, spitting and tumescent on the abattoir floor.

I would call it drug music, but I’m not sure what drugs these humans consume. Stem cell and adrenal gland cocktails I’m guessing.
Futuristic and primal it is
Beats from the Thunder-Dome
Fight music for fuckers
I’ve seen them on two separate occasions blow the power for an entire building
Baller move, boys
Produced perfectly by Chris Coady (look him up to be impressed)
This record is a burning car in a field and I love it"

 - John Dwyer



1. Moonwalk The Tomb
2. Dyslexic Uptalk
3. Striped Pants
4. Straight Arrow
5. Slow Psychics 04:27
6. Garbage People
7. FM Drive
8. Fried Muscles

For fans of Black Dice, Container, Whitehouse, Negativland, Ralph Records, minimal beats a la Profan, vintage Japanese noise, severed heads, windburn and chapped lips

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