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Fairytale - Shooting Star - LP

Fairytale - Shooting Star - LP

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1. Submerged in Water
2. Shooting Star
3. Bluer Skies
4. Life Plateau
5. Fairytale
6. Possible to Grow
7. Brick Flowers
8. Wrap it Up and Buy it
9. Sediment
10. Never's Enough

Label: Quality Control HQ
Cat No: QC084
Released: August 2023

Starting in 2019, Fairytale have carved out a unique sound that is both ethereal and chaotic, beautiful and terrifying. This New York City band are back with their debut LP, Shooting Star. Wretched soaked guitars and a rhythm section that sounds like a horde of demons are blended together with dynamic vocals that meander between gruff and choral, at times reminding one of Tozibabe. We dare you not to have the disc on a loop as each listen reveals more and more layers. 

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