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Exit Group - Adverse Habitat

Exit Group - Adverse Habitat

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From the dank warehouse recesses that brought us Useless Eaters and Dry Erase, may we introduce Exit Group - sharply futuristic post-punk with a pissed-off lean, antisocial lyrics spit over an abnormally locked-in guitar bass drums triangle, wound up tighter than a Swiss watch. Post-everything sample tweakery and chrome-dipped guitar tonality lend a darkly robotic sheen, abraded riffs pop up everywhere but where you think they should be, clanging and clanking inhumanly around elaborate Rube Goldberg patterns, tessellating under flickering municipal neon. Bone-dry furious, turning on a dime just to slap the drink out of your hand.

“A thrilling disaster I can’t wait to witness first hand” - Marc Riley

“A great record from start to finish! Smart and perfectly abrasive” -Henry Rollins

Colored vinyl is limited to 2 per customer and is only available here, from Castle Face US and from the band. 


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