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Michael Price - Eternal Beauty OST

Michael Price - Eternal Beauty OST

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Michael Price, one of the UK’s most sought after composers (Unforgotten, Sherlock, Dracula), releases the original soundtrack to Craig Roberts’ (Submarine, Just Jim) Eternal Beauty. Price’s score, as his so often do, serves as a narrator, a character helping to guide us through the true highs and lows of Jane’s (Sally Hawkins) rarely uneventful life. Price’s signature sweeping strings, underpinned by piano and a beautifully restrained use of sound design ensures that whilst the score drives the story forwards it never distracts from that which is unfolding before our eyes.

"A soundtrack that provides the rocket fuel for a story that unzips our understanding of ‘normal’" - Adrian Bate, Eternal Beauty Producer

 "Glorious" - Edith Bowman

"Simply Stunning" - The Arts Desk

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