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Ellen Arkbro - Sounds While Waiting

Ellen Arkbro - Sounds While Waiting

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1. Changes
2. Sculpture I
3. Leaving Dreaming
4. Untitled Rain
5. Sculpture II

Label: W.25th
Cat No: W25-15
Released: October 13th 2023

Third solo album by Berlin-based composer Ellen Arkbro
Current member of C.C. Hennix's ensemble
Previously studied with La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela
Recommended for fans of Sarah Davachi, Eliane Radigue and Charlemagne Palestine

Sounds While Waiting documents the latest organ works by composer and musician Ellen Arkbro – following her phenomenal debut, 2017's For Organ And Brass, and the more recent CHORDS for organ. Recorded at a centuries-old church in Unnaryd, Sweden in June 2020, these pieces reveal the enchanting qualities of sustained harmonic sound, how patterns of listening dissolve and emerge as textured space.

Arkbro composes for acoustic instruments, for synthetic sound and for combinations of both, including music for orchestra and smaller chamber ensembles and large scale installation works. She currently performs in Catherine Christer Hennix's Kamigaku ensemble and has previously studied with La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela in New York

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