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Divine Horsemen - Hot Rise Of An Ice Cream Phoenix - Clear/Red Splatter LP

Divine Horsemen - Hot Rise Of An Ice Cream Phoenix - Clear/Red Splatter LP

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**x120 copies ltd clear w. red splatter**  
Los Angeles, California—Divine Horsemen, the fiery, eclectic
’80s group that rode the unique vocal chemistry of Chris
Desjardins (a.k.a. Chris D.) and Julie Christensen, return to
the musical stage with Hot Rise Of An Ice Cream Phoenix, a
collection of all-new recordings. Co-produced by Desjardins
and Craig Parker Adams (who engineered I Used To Be Pretty,
the 2019 release by Chris D.’s groundbreaking ’70s punk band
the Flesh Eaters), this new 13-track album comprises the first
new music by the Horsemen in thirty-three years.
Founded after the dissolution of the Flesh Eaters and launched
with the 1984 Enigma Records album Time Stands Still, billed
as Chris D./Divine Horseman, the band released three albums
and an EP on SST Records, all of which featured the searing
harmonies of Desjardins and Christensen, who were married
at the time. The couple split professionally and personally just
prior to the release of their January 1988 EP A Handful of Sand.
However, the two musicians remained in touch over the years,
and Christensen contributed vocals to five tracks on I Used To
Be Pretty, which reunited the 1980 “all-star” edition of the Flesh
Eaters heard on the Ruby/Slash classic A Minute To Pray, A
Second To Die. By then, the idea of reviving Divine Horsemen
was already percolating.
Featuring onetime Divine Horsemen guitarist Peter Andrus,
who had appeared on A Handful Of Sand and the 1987 album
Snake Handler, and Bobby Permanent, the 2021 Divine
Horsemen line-up is completed by drummer DJ Bonebrake
of the incomparable L.A. band X. Hot Rise Of An Ice Cream
Phoenix stands as a bracing new achievement by a distinctive
musical partnership that has always marched to the beat of its
own drum. Like the Flesh Eaters’ recent reunion, it’s a welcome
return that plays to the group’s historic strengths.


1. Mystery Writers
2. Falling Forward
3. Ice Cream Phoenix 4. Mind Fever
5. Handful Of Sand
6. Any Day Now 7. 25th Floor
8. Can't You See Me
9. No Evil Star 10. Strangers
11. Barefoot In The Streets
12. Stoney Path
13. Love Cannot Die
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