Display Homes

Display Homes - What if You're Right & They're Wrong? - LP

Display Homes - What if You're Right & They're Wrong? - LP

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01. Nitty Picky
02. At Capacity
03. Tunnel of Love
04. CCTV
05. Neenish
06. Proof Read
07. Shiver
08. Pre Cursor
09. Background Check
10. Aufrutschen

Eora/Sydney 3-piece Display Homes are back with new music! The asymmetric guitars, bass grooves and dynamic drums we’ve come to love on their previous two EPs are all there brighter than ever on forthcoming debut album What If You’re Right & They’re Wrong?. It’s raw but sharp, minimalist and danceable. Their pop sensibilities make it accessible while their post-punk leanings make it exciting. We’re calling it now as one of our favourite albums of the year! When I put this on I listen all the way through. The other day two times in a row. Unbelievably catchy. I will love this even years and years from now, for sure. Can’t pick a favorite song. This sounds like it could have been released in any of the last 5-6 decades. Solid, tight songs that warm the soul. I’m picking up on a wide diversity of sounds, from The Pixies to Blondie.

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