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Dickon Hinchliffe - Leave No Trace (2018) OST - Col. LP

Dickon Hinchliffe - Leave No Trace (2018) OST - Col. LP

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"First time ever on vinyl, the soundtrack to the 2018 film Leave No Trace by ex-Tindersticks Dickon Hinchliffe is a beautiful, somber soundscape that finds the composer matching the sparse, meditative story arc of the film with long, stringed pieces and spacey reverberations.

Hinchliffe, who had formerly worked with the film’s director Debra Granik on her landmark film Winter’s Bone in 2010, continues an incredible partnership with a score that stands alone as an artistic achievement while supporting a story of a father and daughter attempting to live off the grid among trees and ferns. The dark green and brown colors that accent their habitat are painted by Hinchliffe through his music, with his compositions breathing from the bark and leaves and dew. Designed by veteran Barbara Bersche, the record comes in a full bleed redwood grove cover and forest green vinyl, further highlighting the rich sound, perfect for the warm grooves. Pressed on green vinyl.

The mediations presented by Dickon Hinchliffe on the Leave No Trace soundtrack…fragile, hallucinatory…are a thing to behold."

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