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Daniel Thorne - Lines of Sight

Daniel Thorne - Lines of Sight

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1. From Inside, Looking Out
2. From the Other Side of the World
3. From the Heavens
4. Pyriscence
5. Threnody for a Burning Building
6. Fear of Floating

Cat No: ERATP119
Label: Erased Tapes

Released: March 2019

On March 15th Erased Tapes presents the invigorating and powerful debut solo album Lines of Sight by Australian-born, Liverpool-based composer, saxophonist and founder of Immix Ensemble, Daniel Thorne. Deeply moving, full of otherworldly beauty and rapture, the album is alive, throbbing like a circulatory system, colourful and glowing. It literally dazzles – effectively capturing what the birth (or death) of a planet might sound like.

Every strand is fresh, vital and purposeful. The description ‘seamless’ might suggest a smooth, bland fusion, but here elements overlap in intermittent, undulating layers of mesh. Avant-garde, noise, electronics, ecclesiastical, classical, a touch of jazz and traces of Wyatt-style contemporary folk come together, each occupying their own space while acquiescing with the whole


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