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Dan Rincon - Spotlight City - LP/CD

Dan Rincon - Spotlight City - LP/CD

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Castle Face is proud to present Dan Rincon’s (OSEES, Wild Thing, Apache, Personal and the Pizzas) premier solo release Spotlight City.

Artificial landscapes and melodies comprised of Moog Grandmother, Mellotron and a kinky Modular system span from beautiful and lilting to haunting and etherial. The album was a years long learning experience of getting all components and ingredients to link arms and blend comfortably. Wrangling was part of the process. Strings soaring and sines weaving. Sometimes in the atmosphere, sometimes in the Earth’s core, sometimes flanked by neon blur as it hums & weave patterns through a world imagined in vintage sci-fi pulp.

“I was listening to a lot of solo Roedelius and Conrad Schnitzler records while writing this record and I’d say that both have been hugely inspirational on what I want to do as a solo recording artist. The way both of those of those artist pushed the early, chaotic electronic music into something more melodic is really inspiring to me, it’s not that dissimilar than trying to get melodies out of a modular synthesizer.”

An absolute necessary slab for anyone a fan of CF, OSEES, Popol Vuh soundtracks , 8 bit video game accompaniment & 80s Tangerine Dream. Burn one and burn out.

1. Cessna
2. Cloud 10
3. Metropolitan Doctor
4. MotorRhythm, Wooden
5. Factory Tour
6. Lover
7. Introduction To The Club
8. StoneyBrook Peasants
9. Harold And Brian
10. In 5 (Meditate On That!!)
11. Spotlight City Flyover
12. To The Lake Bed
13. Seperation Soiree
14. Mikey's Tune

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