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Creeping Pink - Mirror Woods

Creeping Pink - Mirror Woods

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"a fog of memories caught in the sun-flakes settling in the forest, 
a beautiful album indeed.
I was really taken with my first listen of this album 
and it continues to grow with each listen. 
There are many glittering gems woven into these tunes
but one listen is not enough to see them all.
Like trying to appreciate the silver strobing of ocean waves 
they are different every time you glance at them. 
Better to watch their reflections on the ceiling and just soak it up.

It seems kind of rare to me that an album can create and sustain a mood,
not to mention such and odd and unique vibe as this.
A sing-song tale of a long surreal journey 
through canopied pathways, tunnels and spiraling downwards through the earth’s maw
…falling falling falling and suddenly you wake in your bed.
Home-grown in aesthetic, Mirror Woods is a quilt of hues taken from a very earthy spectrum. 
The colors, albeit gorgeous, are cross-processed 
like a polaroid of a cathedral’s most glorious stained glass window 
slightly sour 
but just dripping with pop sentiment. 
This is not an experimental album for young chin-scratchers only 
this is a pop record for anyone with a heart 
this is a homage to love 
to friends and family 
to droll existence 
hold up a torch to the dark 
make a spark 

Think United States of America meets Vangelis meets July meets Silver Apples in Arthur Russell’s New York apartment 
(what a family band portrait that would be)"

- John Dwyer

Colored vinyl is coke bottle green, only available here and from the band, and is limited to two per customer.

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