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1. Dying
2. Jungle Megatron
3. Poor Lord
4. Slaves In Darkness
5. J
6. Acid Queen
7. Bones
8. I ́m So Easy
9. The Train
10. X Blues
11. Why I Can ́t Be Like You


Cowboy Lovers is the dynamic duo, F. Pascual (Guitar / Vocals) & H. Bardisa (Drums / Vocals) from the Spanish costal town of Alicante. They first worked together as DJ's playing soul/rock/ punk/ garage and cosmic music around the discotheques and nightclubs / bars of their hometown, forming Cowboy Lovers in 2012. Theyimmediately began writing their own songs and performing in venues and festivals across Spain including Microsonidos (Murcia) and Low Festival (Benidorm). In 2014 their good friend, Todd Parmenter (Beatings uk) introduced them to the esteemed producer, Liam Watson who took it upon himself to produce and record the band’s debut LP at his TOE RAG STUDIO in London. During recording sessions a sort of "Cosmic Brotherhood" was formed between the band and Watson, the latter asking COWBOY LOVERS if they would be interested in being the 1st signing to his new TOE-RAG affiliated label, LBW RECORDS. A suitable agreement was made and COWBOY LOVERS are now ready to take on the world with a refreshing blend of proto-heavy-metal-rock-and-roll, Cosmic / Acid Gypsy and discotheque influences. For Fans of: rock 'n' roll, heavy metal, heavy rock, psychedelia, classic rock, garage punk, punk and cosmic sounds

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