Cornershop - England is a Garden: Instrumentals - 2x LP

Cornershop - England is a Garden: Instrumentals - 2x LP

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1. St Marie Under The Canon (Instrumental)
2. Slingshot (Instrumental)
3. No Rock: Save In Roll (Instrumental)
4. Everywhere That Wog Army Roam (Instrumental)
5. King Kongs (Instrumental)
6. Highly Amplified (Instrumental)
7. England Is A Garden (Instrumental)
8. The Cash Money (Instrumental)
9. Morning Ben (Instrumental)
10. I'm A Wooden Soldier (Instrumental)
11. One Uncareful Lady Owner (Instrumental)
12. The Holy Name (Instrumental)


No sooner than the 5th repress of Cornershop’s England Is A Garden has run out of stock, we have a limited edition Silver Jubilee sealed double vinyl gatefold with liner notes and sleevenotes by Rolling Stone’s David Fricke. Furthermore we have gone under the bonnet of the album to deliver a double platter instrumental version on ‘Lozenge Clear’ vinyl only in order to see and hear more clearly what has become a sports classic. This instrumental version has a new take on the album’s artwork by long term Cornershop sleeve designer Nick Edwards Cornershop’s ‘England Is A Garden’ - “the latest in a series of albums that have mirrored the exceptional story of the band itself” Rough Trade Shop NY. It strides in a sunshine glow, to deliver a full listening experience, bringing songs of experience, empire, protest and humour, steeped in the way only Tjinder Singh would come with.

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