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The Embarrassment - Death Travels West

The Embarrassment - Death Travels West

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1983’s Death Travels West finds The Embarrassment as anthemic, angular, and inscrutable as they ever were, with a concept record in the loosest sense of the word. The gangly, jangly Wichita four-piece pack up their harmonies and head west, riding into the sunset and on to Saturn’s rings. Lyrical density meets Manifest Destiny with a chugging rush of guitars that'll send you pogo-ing across the American landscape. It’s a catchy, smart, ambitious effort from these legendary progenitors of indie rock... err, “Blister Pop”. Third in a series of reissues on Last Laugh Records, Death Travels West is available on vinyl again after almost 40 years, and for the first time on Cassette.


1. Careen
2. Viewmaster
3. Drive Me To The Park
4. Lewis And Clark
5. D-Rings
6. Chapter 12
7. Hip And Well Read
8. Death Travels West

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