Painters & Dockers - Kill Kill Kill - LP

Painters & Dockers



Never available in this format before, Kill Kill Kill was originally released by PAINTERS AND DOCKERS as a 4-track 12” ep in 1985.

This new full lengthy album version presents those covers of The Groovy Guru, Supernaut, The Ramones, and The Saints, alongside a couple of more covers (The American Breed, and The Velvet Underground), plus a handful of rare b-sides from the band’s 80’s singles.

The CD features an extra rare b-side – the studio recording of “After The Blast”. The 12” LP version comes on limited coloured vinyl


1. Kill Kill Kill
2. I Like It Both Ways
3. Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio
4. Know Your Product
5. Bend Me Shape Me
6. Sunday Morning
7. Dung Di (Don't Go)
8. That's It
9. Virgin Child
10. Willoughby

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