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Common Holly - When I Say to You Black Lightning - LP / CD

Common Holly - When I Say to You Black Lightning - LP / CD

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A1. Central Booking
A2. Joshua Snakes
A3. You Dance
A4. Measured
A5. Uuu
B1. Little Down
B2. I Try
B3. It's Not Real
B4. Crazy Ok

Label: Dalliance Recordings
Cat No: DR1005
Released: September 2023

‘When I Say to you Black Lightning’ is a look outward, a submergence into the dark and dissonant with consolation found in harmony and dry humour. Like a ticking internal monologue, the nine labyrinthian yet catchy tracks observe the complexities of mental health, the precarity of life, and the challenges of finding strength in the face of grave misunderstanding.

When I Say to you Black Lightning is about finding the seeds of strength to navigate adult life, and about the ways in which we all find ourselves in that place of struggle when life starts to show you its cards. It ditches fear without losing vulnerability, and trades in sadness for the healing powers of anger, and the strength of observing, recognising and confronting. Common Holly is Montreal-based Brigitte Naggar. 

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