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Colorama - Chaos Wonderland - LP

Colorama - Chaos Wonderland - LP

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1. And
2. Dusty Road
3. Me & She (ft. Lay Low)
4. Black hole
5. Crosville
6. Except You
7. Damn Tune
8. Conchita
9. Please Tell Me
10. Reconciliation
Label: Banana & Louie
Cat No: B&L005
Released: September 2020

Listening to ‘Chaos Wonderland’ means above all the verification of Colorama being a safe bet. But also, it means that Carwyn is open to what he listens to, and the influence of those who surround him. It is impossible not to figure out details that recall Muscle Shoalsbased white soul, Miami’s Criteria Studios (‘Shawn Lee helped me make more soul material without being aware of it’, Carwyn says), even sweet soft-rock from the seventies. Classic pop, without any doubt, to which the Colorama trademark – with its expansive production, its open-mindness and its fake feeling of simplicity and fragility – ends up depriving of any trace of expiry date to turn it into timelessness.


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