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Bobbie Lovesong - On the Wind - LP

Bobbie Lovesong - On the Wind - LP

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Released January 20th 2023

Bobbie Lovesong is the alias of American recording artist Madelyn Strutz. On The Wind is the debut full length from Bobbie, who produced, performed, recorded, and mixed the album herself in Taos, New Mexico. The album is a collection of psych-pop oddities and fizzy space-age interpretations of jazz standards that are informed in equal parts by Larry Heard’s breezy dream sceneries, LSD-blotted Americana and kaleidoscopic ’60s pop.

Bobbie went to Taos, New Mexico in 2020 to live communally with a small group of musicians as the lockdown stretched on for months. Retreating into an unfinished Earthship, she passed the days writing and recording music, with nothing more than a laptop microphone and a few instruments. At once surreal, timeless and extraterrestrial, On The Wind can be heard as a hallucinatory sonic love letter to Taos.



1. Organic Orange
2. Watching From A Window
3. Desert Air
4. Eat The Apple Before It Falls
5. Fly Me To The Moon
6. Into Blue
7. Sun Star & Moon
8. Road For A Moment
9. Inner Sea
10. Two Faces In The Castle
11. Interlude
12. Doses
13. Reincarnation Of A Lovebird
14. Why'd It Gotta Take So Long?
15. Misty

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