Bed Rugs - 8th Cloud - CD

Bed Rugs - 8th Cloud - CD

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1. Purple Pill
2. Modern Freaks
3. Trees
4. What Does It Mean?
5. Mark's Ghost (Almost)
6. Evening Crusade
7. Dream On
8. 8th Cloud
9. Subtopia 
10. Be A Little Strange
11. Shoe

Label: Ample Play
Cat No: AMPLA053
Released: March 2014

Bed Rugs: take their name from the much discussed mat in The Big Lebowski. After the highly praised release of last year’s mini-LP ‘Rapids’, we are pleased to go backwards and present ‘8th Cloud’, their 1st ever recording album, showing that even then they punched well above their weight. Like Tame Impala and MGMT the sounds are heavy weight and the melodies ambitious - classic rock from Beatles to Nirvana. Les ZAZA’s French magazine recently summed them up as ‘the illegitimate children of McCartney and Cobain.’ James Endeacott who has seen them a good few times describes them as ‘off the scale’. Their spectacular London shows were the best antidote to anti-European feelings we have seen for a long time.

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