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Ashtray Navigations - The Apotheosis of VaVaVoom - Green LP

Ashtray Navigations - The Apotheosis of VaVaVoom - Green LP

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Third VHF dispatch from the mighty and prolific Ashtray Navigations, following 2020’s mega and extremely popular Imaginary Greatest Hits package. The curiously titled The Apotheosis of VaVaVoom is one of Phil Todd & Melanie O’Dubhshlaine’s most direct and rocking packages, with mucho ripping lead guitar action backed by some absolutely fun bubbling synth and drum grooves. “Irons Three” kicks off with wicked wah’d out leads, followed by the subdued ambience of “Tasteful Grey Putting” and “Appropros Tower” and a segue into the driving “Hinges on the Clapometer.” Side 2’s opening combo of “Slush Puppy Window” and “Avatar Down The Highway” sounds like a head on collision between Terje Rypdal and Tangerine Dream on a dark bender, with laser guitar over a bed of tumbling electronics and tiny noises. The closing “Crack Another Bloodcapsule” is one of Ashtray Nav’s all time best, like a lost krautrock classic jam with a driving rhythm from guest drummer Alex Neilson. On limited green vinyl.


1. Irons Three/The Apotheosis of VaVaVoom
2. Tasteful Grey Putting
3. Appropros Tower
4. Hinges on the Clapometer
5. Slush Puppy Window
6. Avatar Down The Highway Et Cetera
7. Drainwave Sensual
8. Crack Another Blood Capsule Its Over

Label: VHF

Cat No. VHF156

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