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Angry Samoans - Inside My Brain - Col. LP

Angry Samoans - Inside My Brain - Col. LP

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Ltd. Red Vinyl Repress

A1. Right Side Of My Mind
A2. Gimme Sopor
A3. Hot Cars
A4. Inside My Brain
A5. You Stupid Asshole
A6. Get Off The Air
B1. My Old Man's A Fatso
B2. Carson Girls
B3. I'm A Pig
B4. Too Animalistic
B5. Right Side Of My Mind


This is the album that started it all! Right from the opening guitar chords of "Right Side of My Mind" to Metal Mike's high-pitched vocals -which always sound funny when he's trying to come across all angry, "Inside My Brain" is a non-stop psycho analysis backed up by blaring, tongue in cheek anthems suitable for all those who can't seem to express their anger.

Being one of the pivotal bands that fuelled the early Southern California punk scene, The Angry Samoans were one of the first bands to prove that one can express their frustrations of day to day life and still have a sense of humor about it; as evident with songs like "You Stupid Assholes" and "My Old Man's a Fatso." And to top it all off, this album was produced by Fear vocalist and all around jerk Lee Ving, who did a decent job capturing The Samoans raw energy.

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