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Kool Aid - Alien Ballroom -LP

Kool Aid - Alien Ballroom -LP

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Release Date: 19th Nov 2012

Format: 12"

Genre: Psychedelic

Cat. Number: AGIT020

Limited to: 500 copies

Say hello to The Alien Ballroom, the combination previously known as Koolaid (Global Tyranny). "Huh?" you may think, "What has happened to Koolaid???" Let's be perfectly clear about this: there is a current market glut of "koolaids". The group, therefore, have sensibly altered their nomenclature and are henceforth known as The Alien Ballroom....the mystrionic Alien Ballroom plant their seeds and pitch their balls on the lush interzone betwixt the vintage and the cutting-edge to create a seven song album that fuses Atomic Age pop foppery with Neolithic year-zero sanguinity. Aficionados of their previous releases will find much to enjoy in this new recording - or perhaps they won't. Frankly, it vexes the band not. Of course, we really should have made some mention that this album is "song based" and not just relentless "space-rock-riff-battery" - is it as weird and leftfield as the Koolaid album? Probably not ...or maybe it is. Very different but very similar perhaps – we will leave it up to you.

7 tracks on 12" vinyl! comes with a DL can actually see members of the band in song making pose on the sleeve...

Side one, is one long track that pretty much sets out the M.O from the get go.. you will shake, you will shiver, you will want to play it over and over and over to work out why it has taken over your life..but look out, theres 6 tracks on the other side that will equally blast your mind.. heres the rub, its NOTHING like the Koolaid 12", but really, its just like the Koolaid 12"... we could list a load of bands you might like also..but thats irrelevant.. its loud, its nasty, it will make you dance oddly, you will go and see them play live.... Piccadily Records, 2012

500 copies only.



Track Listing:

1. The New Revelation

2. Banks of The Dee

3. Hogs Are Coming

4. Street Beacon

5. Instant K

6. Ringstone Round

7. Forty Ton Rock


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