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Akusmi - Lines LP

Akusmi - Lines LP

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Pre:Order - Released October 2023

A1. Secant
A2. Oblique (LP exclusive version)
B1. Parallel
B2. Tangent
B3. Longing For Tomorrow (Brandt Brauer Frick Remix) ? (vinyl exclusive)

*LTD CLEAR VINYL*London based composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Akusmi announces ‘Lines’, an exhilarating new collection of works born from the desire to take where the acclaimed debut album ‘Fleeting Future’ left off — in search of new forms. “ ‘Secant’, I must have listened to this tune 3 times in a row, this one soundtracked my night drive through the winding roads” – Benji B, BBC Radio 1 ‘Lines’ is presented as a Limited edition clear vinyl (500 copies only worldwide), printed in heavy-weight reverse board sleeve with a hand-numbered edition sticker. The vinyl edition also features 'Oblique' (A2), an exclusive version for the vinyl format, plus the now revered 'Longing for Tomorrow' – (Brandt Brauer Frick Remix), previously unreleased physically and now pressed on vinyl format, ending side B. The cover artwork features another collaboration with Dutch visual artist Sigrid Calon and design by label founder Adam Heron. Formed with a sense of urgency and a reductive approach ‘Lines’ is almost entirely comprised of alto saxophone, clarinet and piano with embellishments of ambience and minimal percussive elements. Recorded in full at his home studio in London, Pascal Bideau speaks about the process: “I wanted to go a bit more a bit more horizontal and ambient, work with layers of lines, might they be dotted or straight, and leave them to unfold and see where they would take me.” ‘Secant’ is the electrifying and cinematic opener, emerging with the main motif deriving from the recording sessions of ‘Fleeting Future’. It’s distinct sound echoes New York, a homage in part to the works of Steve Reich and inspired also by train travels across the English countryside. Rhythmical looping pianos unite with shifting strings that build to a symphony of hypnotic rich layers, towards a euphoric and filmic climax. ‘Oblique’ on the other hand is otherworldly and hopeful, a breathtaking musical meeting between Jazz and Ambient minimalist music. Rich layered saxophones sound a patterned melody, meshed with dotted piano, swirling electronics and percussive hits, before deep diving into shimmering ambient tones echoing like summer rainfall against windows. Akusmi uniquely finds the spaces in between experimental, crossover classical and ambient music. ‘Parallel’ is the ambient companion to the acclaimed title track ‘Fleeting Future’, featuring a stripped back chord progression constructed with less order and written render. ‘Tangent’ is a pointillist piece that stemmed from a session with friend and collaborator Daniel Brandt. Cyclical guitars loop ebb and flow reminiscent of Manuel Göttsching. Akusmi is the project moniker of French-born, London based composer, multi- instrumentalist and producer Pascal Bideau Akusmi — ‘Lines’ is released on Tonal Union on October 6th

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