Collection: Bong Load Custom Records

An Independent record label based in Los Angeles which was started by Tom Rothrock and founded by producers Tom Rothrock, Rob Schnapf and partner Bradshaw Lambert. One of their biggest signings was Beck in 1991. Other notable bands from the original Bong Load Custom Records include Wool, Kyuss, The Obsessed, Fatso Jetson and Los Angeles Bands Lutefisk and Project K. Stoner rock band, Fu Manchu released their first two albums via Bong Load Records.

In 1998, Beck recorded the album Mutations intended for Bong Load Records yet released on the Geffen label, which led to a series of lawsuits between Beck, Bong Load and Geffen which were settled in 1999. Much of the Bong Load Record catalog was released in small quantities. Several bands have very rare releases that are much sought after and command high prices at auctions. In 2007, Rothrock relaunched the label with a series of releases, including his own instrumental album