Ultimate Painting - Live at Thirdman (24th September 2015) LP

Ultimate Painting



ULTIMATE PAINTING is a young, yet already distinguished UK duo comprised of Jack Cooper and James Hoare. As the story goes, these two spent time touring together with Cooper’s band, Mazes, supporting Hoare’s band, Veronica Falls. A fateful friendship developed and, to make it quick, demos were recorded and swapped, which all eventually led to their debut seeing release on Trouble In Mind, one of our top favorite Chicago labels. The project has been so thoroughly adored for its uncomplicated, beautifully calm approach to VU-style riff-making and loose-but-biting vibes that the follow up, Green Lanes, was released a mere ten months later. Needless to say we’re so glad they carved their way through the great land of Nashville, TN.

Recorded direct-to-tape, Live at Third Man Records is an impeccable document of English rock ‘n’ roll. The band is in top form here and their set consists of the finest material from the band’s first and second albums, Ultimate Painting and Green Lanes respectively, with a handful of extended jams featured here. This live record is a must own for fans of the band, not to mention anyone smitten with mellow guitar magic that absolutely explodes into some true, stately mayhem.

Vinyl Packaging: Single Pocket, printed, die-cut sleeve
Recorded 09-24-2015


1. Ultimate Painting
2. Rolling in the Deep End
3. Riverside
4. (I?ve Got The) Sanctioned Blues

5. Break the Chain
6. Kodiak
7. Out in the Cold
8. Ten Street

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