The Home Current - Palermo Traxx Vol. 2 - LP (CLEAR ORANGE VINYL)

Arcade Sound



Seemingly unstoppable, Palermo Traxx Vol 2 is the
third release from The Home Current for Castles in Space during 2019. Following the polished industrialisms
and eighties inspired grooves of LP “Civilian Leather” and an immediately sold-out 7”, Martin Jensen returns
with his final record of the year recorded in praise of a long deceased nightclub called Candy Junction.
Recalling the euphoria and positivity of a club night, this towering work shift gears from “Civilian Leather” to
full on, futuristic, air cooled dance floor assault.
The original plan for this record was to release a white label promo with a facsimile DJ feedback sheet.
Straight from 1991 with love. However, as the music developed, it was agreed that this needed a full official
release with all the tinsel and trimmings.

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