The Home Current - Civilian Leather - LP (PINK VINYL)

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Civilian Leather is another wonderfully diverse collection from long time DJ and obsessive record collector,Martin Jensen. Martin, the sole member of The Home Current is a Copenhagen born artist now residing inLuxembourg. Twenty five years of obsessive record collecting and deejaying have ensured that he is seepedin the ever evolving pathways of analogue electronica and this collection charts an emotional and intriguing flow through a sleazily sophisticated musical landscape which oozes out from the grooves into your actual mindspace.

Over the course of it’s ten tracks, Civilian Leather takes us through a highly individual journey into electronic sounds ranging from radiophonica, soaring electro pop, mercurial slow jams, subtly referenced left field doom pop and futuristic sparkling electronic metallurgy - tracks hewn from metallic elements, their compounds amalgamating into a unique alloy of shining, harmonious beauty. It’s a deeply eclectic set for sure - and all the better for it.

Martin co-founded and co-ran independent record label, Second Language from 2009-2014.He records under the name The Home Current and created the Music & Migration compilation series(Volumes I, II and III) in support of BirdLife International. He has remixed music for the likes of TomorrowSyndicate, Ellis Island Sound (Pete Astor) and Dollboy and has released music on Static Caravan,Polytechnic Youth and Second Language. His first output for Castles in Space was the sold out “No Friction”7” released in early April. He has provided DJ support for acts as diverse as Tinariwen, Tim Hecker, PrimalScream, Richard D. James, The Orb, Efterklang (whose Anna Brønsted provides the vocals on the beautiful“Lose Your Fears”) and many, many more.

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