The Duke & The Dutchess - Live at Third Man - LP

The Duke & The Dutchess



The Dutchess and the Duke have made two previous albums of wonderfully sincere, heartfelt and true songs. Their self-described “campfire punk” is equal parts beautiful boy/girl harmonies, subdued finger-picked acoustic guitar pairings and minimal percussive accoutrements. In short…it’s sublimely compelling. After a hiatus of a few years, they’re slowly creeping back into live performances and Third Man could was thrilled to host one of the first, recording the set direct-to-acetate in the relaxed, intimate setting of the Blue Room.

Side A:
1. Scorpio
2. Back To Me
3. Let It Die
4. Ship Made of Stone
5. Strangers
6. I Am Just A Ghost
Side B:
7. Out of Time
8. Living This Life
9. Reservoir Park
10. Mary
11. Hands
12. Armageddon Song

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