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“Amongst the messy history of Australian Rock and Roll it’s rare to find a band who get to the point and nail that point all the way the fuck home as convincingly as The Dacios; clarity, volume, ferocity, a hard-earned swagger and a complete absence of posing or conforming. Monkey’s Blood finds The Dacios sounding as if a young Jason Spaceman had drunk beer instead of taken drugs, replaced an orchestra with a pissed-off Patti Smith and got to the point. If the point of rock is riff and attitude, then Monkey’s Blood steamrolls any competitors, finding the core of both and bringing it to you at a volume and brevity that’s formidable.” – Andy Hazel (Interviews/Reviews – An archive of articles)
The Dacios, from Melbourne via Hobart, are named after the village weirdos in the town where its members grew up. But weird is not the first word which springs to mind in describing this album. In fact, unlike a lot of current new releases, it’s not weird at all, and there are no traces of quirkiness or outlandish eccentricity. Instead, The Dacios serve up a powerful album of weighty rock'n'roll music, draped in super-scuzzy riffs which, when matched with clever, soul-tearing lyrics, provide a robust one-two punch that is the knockout.
A family affair, The Dacios are a vehicle for the darker, more violent musical aspirations of siblings, Bean and Linda J Dacio, who initially came to the attention of major record labels whilst playing in their earlier band, Little Ugly Girls. Since those heady days, Bean and LJ continued to blaze a scorching trail across the Melbourne music scene, becoming respected stalwarts along the way. Originally released in 2009, The Dacios' debut Monkey's Blood is a filler-free compendium of forceful, authoritative compositions which, in the old vernacular, are all A-side material.
Opener, “Liberty Lover” drips sex and acid all over the bastard hybrid of The Stooges and Velvets in preparation for the body-slam that is “Monica”. The title track is like a declaration of love that is so harrowing you can no longer tell good from evil. “Buzzard's Hide” picks up the pace before the dirty pop glory of “Grey Machine” and the kraut-ish “Girl In The Mirror”; it’s back to growling and gnashing of bones with the EXCLUSIVE VINYL TRACK “Dirty Dogs”; with the delicate "good hard fit" of “Shoe Size” wrapping up what we consider a perfect album.
If ever there was an album that was just meant to be heard on vinyl, this is it. The Dacios' Monkey's Blood - a classic album that is now a classic record! Homeless Records most limited release to date - just 250 hand-numbered copies.

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