THE CRAMPS - Big Beat From Badsville (COLOURED VINYL)

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*Released 25th November*

Dangerous, bizarre, but most of all cool, The Cramps one again prove themselves as leaders in skull-fracturing rock ‘n’ roll, delving even deeper into a wicked netherworld where few have dared to tread. They are the architects of a sound that has spawned an entire subversive subculture. Originally released in 1997, Big Beat From Badsville is a haul-ass,

careening monster of a record featuring more songs of mutilation, shape-shifting, psycho frenzies, she-devil-worship and pussy. The four rare bonus tracks on the CD include the nutty psycho-delic au - dio inkblot “Confessions of a Psycho Cat” and Poison Ivy’s chilling instrumental assault-weapon blast “Peter Gunn.” The Cramps Fiends of Dope Island


Track Listing:

  1. Cramp Stomp
  2. God Monster
  3. It Thing Hard-On
  4. Like a Bad Girl Should
  5. Sheena’s in a Goth Gang
  6. Queen of Pain
  7. Monkey With Your Tail
  8. Devil Behind That Bush
  9. Super Goo
  10. Hypno Sex Ray
  11. Burn She-Devil, Burn
  12. Wet Nightmare
  13. Badass Bug
  14. Haulass Hyena

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