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Rose City Band - Rose City Band

Rose City Band - Rose City Band

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Jean Sandwich Records is pleased to announce the first, self-titled, album from Oregon’s Rose City Band, out May 24th, along with the album’s first single, “Rip City,” at Raven Sings the Blues. Born of the back roads, rivers, and quiet city streets of Oregon, the music captures the feeling of living and loving, riding and crashing and being, in the Pacific Northwest, circa 2019. It's the sound of Sunday morning strums and Saturday night choogle. 

Produced and recorded by Ripley Johnson (Moon Duo, Wooden Shjips) in Portland, and mixed by Chris Cohen, the album finds its niche in the hazy sonic landscape of private press country and psych records, and alongside artists like Relatively Clean Rivers, Jim Sullivan, Kenny Knight, and countless other explorers of the pastoral underground.

Ripley describes the album this way:
"The band was aiming to capture a timeless, natural sound, not quite of the present, past, or future, but phasing in between the consciousness of now and the stoned dream-state of the eternal. Sort of a back porch jam just as the shrooms are starting to kick in. Handmade and human, but also cosmic and transcendental. But the goal is to let the music speak for itself and hopefully find a weird and wonderful audience somewhere out there.”


01 Rip City
02 Wide Roll
03 Me And Willie
04 Wandering Feeling
05 Rivers Of Mind
06 Fear Song
07 Fog Of Love

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