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Revbjelde: Amicus - Colour Vinyl

Revbjelde: Amicus - Colour Vinyl

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"brilliant! avant-garde, disaffected & unique"

*TRANSLUCENT YELLOW VINYL* AMICUS is an industrial requiem for a world turned upside down. Revbjelde's 3rd long player originally released in 2022 on CD, has been remixed, remastered & resequenced for vinyl with new tracks & new artwork. Recorded in England & New Zealand between 2020 & 2022, the new vinyl edition features 11 tracks of brittle electronic beats, cavernous synths + scorched acoustic instrumentation. . Amicus moves on from the motorik psych-folk of previous albums (Hooha Hubbub + Revbjelde) towards a raw, emotive soundscape of abstraction filled with percussive dubs, broken machinery & metallic drones. Peter Hope (Richard H Kirk / Wrong Revolution / The Box) contributes suitably caustic vocals on 3 tracks with revised artwork & photography by Alan's dear friend Jon Kemp RIP, respectfully adapted by Luke Drozd (Bloxham Tapes).

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