Peter Walker - Live at Third Man - LP

Arcade Sound



Peter Walker is the last living psychedelic guitar maestro in a long line of greats like John Fahey, Robbie Basho and Sandy Bull. His performance was nothing short of a master class for anyone who’s ever picked up a guitar. For the occasion Peter performed a handful of songs on piano, something he’s never done before or since. Ending with an absolutely haunting and unreal version of “Chandranandan” Peter Walker left doubt in no one’s mind that he is one of the most important guitar players ever. A transcendent evening.

Side A:
1. Steel String - C Major
2. Nylon Imrpov in B Phrygian
3. Steel String Improv in C Minor
4. Nylon 3rd Mode of C (E Phrygian)
5. Raga for Victor
Side B:
6. Turning Round in Circles
7. Nightingale
8. California
9. Me and My Lady
10. Tarantas
11. Chadranandan

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