Oh Sees - The 12" Synth



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Osees: The 12" Synth

The pilot took a tab of acid in the control room and reclined back in his chair, mouth open

It was his birthday

A fly buzzed through....zzzz....

It was twilight April 20th on the nut farm

and we had one reel of tape left

The rhythm section was in stasis

As was the still & purple desert night

The door open a crack, a slice, a breach, a fissure 

Unmasking a landscape of dust

Mr. Elevator and I set up a cockpit with synthesizers and keyboards galore and fried out two improvised long jam sandwiches

They are here on gluten-free wax for your holiday pleasure

Oh shit, here comes the cat

Recommended for:

Driving into a nuclear blizzard

Slo-mo airport human hunting

Staring at the ceiling(s)

Living through today and what comes next

Healing pod time-kill

Cloud lifting

For fans of



Bruce Haack

Bleeps bloops

& Neo-maxi zoom dweebies

Better luck next year Earth!



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