Monolord - Vaerin CD

Arcade Sound



MONOLORD just cut a doom-swathe throughout the UK and Europe on tour with labelmates Salems Pot, they blew minds…this is the new heavy sound for now!.. their long awaited new album is finally upon us. Monolord wipe the grime of mediocrity from the tomb of doom and crank out some serious donw tuned and down tempo riffage, praise Iommi / praise Pike, this is wht we want! Over two slabs of vinyl, or on one CD.. this ;looks to be one of the heavy albums of the year!

Hometown: TGO: Gothenburg, Sweden
Selling Point: Empress Rising, the band’s first record in 2014 was voted doom album of the year. Monolord is also playing the main room at Roadburn this year.
FFO: sleep, electric wizard, black sabbath, pallbearer

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