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Kl(aus) are Jonathan Elliott and Stewart Lawler, plus a rotating roster of friends and collaborators. Originally from Tasmania, now living and working in Sydney, the pair have known each other for several decades and formed Kl(aus) in 2013 over a beer and a shared appreciation of Tangerine Dream's 79-85 period. They both have long experience in the music industry – Lawler, formerly a member of Sydney techno-pop outfit Boxcar has spent much of the last ten years touring with Tom Ellard’s Severed Heads. Elliott is a classically trained pianist who played in multiple local bands in the 1990s, touching on numerous genres and styles.

"I'm getting a bit hesitant to call us straight-up Berlin School these days," says Lawler, "I think we’ve moved beyond that with this album in some ways. Maybe it's my classical background but when I’m mixing our tracks I tend to think of each instrument contributing their own line as part of an ensemble, which is not a million miles from the way our favourite Froese/Franke/Schmoelling era Tangerine Dream tracks used to work either. Plus the album format is probably as close as I'll ever get to working on long-form ‘classical’ music. One of our aims, after all, has been to reclaim electronic music from the dance floor and put it back into the concert hall.’

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